Get to know a little about us

Corporate History

In January of 2010, Howard Avner and Josh Nankin got together to develop a platform that would make building a mobile presence available to anyone. This meant that the platform would need to be easy to use and inexpensive so that everybody could afford it. After months of development, gallons of coffee and severe sleep deprivation, Kishkee emerged.

The Kishkee platform has powerful managers and builders so that, regardless of your level of computer know-how, you have total control of your mobile presence. And, because we believe that everybody should be mobile, you can even use Kishkee for free!

So signup, mess around and be the master of your mobile presence.

Acquisition and Legacy

Kishkee was acquired in November 2013 by Mobile Web America, Inc. MWA is a leader in providing companies Enterprise Mobile Web solutions that are flexible and allow firms to establish and grow their mobile presence. MWA offers solutions suited for all industries and business sizes. Kishkee and MWA will be able to provide a competitive offering to businesses looking for a robust mobile solution. Kishkee’s clients will now have access to a robust infrastructure, 24/7 Live & Phone support and the peace of mind that comes with an Investment Funded Start-Up. You can read more about the acquisition at: Kishkee Announcement Mobile Web America Announcement