Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kishkee really free and how do we make money?
We get it, you're skeptical how such an awesome service can be free. Kishkee is free because we want everyone to have a mobile site. When your business grows, you might need to expand the functionality of your mobile site and we have the tools you'll need in our premium accounts.
Do I have to sign a contract?
Nope. Kishkee is a month to month service. Which leads me to the next question...
Is there a fee for canceling my service?
Nope! If you decide that Kishkee isn't for you, shoot an email over to and explain that you'd like to cancel your service.
How do I upgrade my account?
Upgrading with Kishkee is very simple. Simply access the “account” section, scroll to the bottom of the page, select the plan you want and click "Upgrade"!
What if I need more sites than the Red Heifer plan?
No problem! We can expand your account to include more sites just contact us!
Can I point my domain directly to my mobile site?
Currently, we only offer this for premium accounts. If you have a premium account and want to link your domain directly to your mobile site please contact us.
What is a component?
Components are what you add to your mobile site such as text, images, buttons and video. We work to develop new components often to keep your mobile sites at the forefront of mobile technology.
What are the Premium features?
Sites in premium accounts don't have any Kishkee branding on them. We also allow paid accounts to link domains directly to their mobile sites. We haven't released most of the premium components yet, but they're on their way. Look forward to forms, texting and mobile ticketing!
Are there limits on storage and bandwidth?
Heck no! Storage and Bandwidth on Kishkee is not currently rate-limited; it is free for all use, including commercial. There are no limits beyond abuse of our network/infrastructure, wherein we might temporarily cut you off. If you think that you may be considered "abusive" because of your extreme popularity, give us a call and we'll help you out.
Will Kishkee build my mobile site for me?
Yes, Kishkee can build your mobile site for you. Occasionally our designers like to get back to building mobile sites and, if you fill out this custom site request form, somebody will get back to shortly.